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Cocoa Indulgence Crate - Same Day Delivery

Cocoa Indulgence Crate

Product Code: TBF574

Height: 14", Width: 14" (approx.)

Indulge in gourmet chocolate excellence with our Cocoa Indulgence Crate! 7 decadent DeBrand chocolate products are tucked inside a rustic wooden crate, made special just for your someone special! 

This product includes:

1 x 14pc Classic Collection

1 x 4pc Truffle Collection

1 x 5pc Rose Carmella

1 x 9pc Salted Caramels

1 x Peanut Butter Cup Indulgence

1 x Mint Cookie Tasting Bar

1 x Thinking of You Chocolate Thoughts Bar

LOCAL-ONLY: If you are attempting to ship this product outside of the Greater Chantilly area, please select a product that isn't identified as "Local Only".

Price: $119.99